Darkness Rising

Devils in Disguise

After the party is reunited they make a mad dash up the levels the come to a door and are ushered in by 5 human knights who block the entrance to seal in some of the unidentifiable creatures the players encountered on lower levels. The devils attack the players but are eventually defeated. The building is beginning to collapse toward the end of the battle. After the devils are dealt with a wheezing man seems to rise from the dead and shambles towards the adventurers. He is felled several times but is relentless in his approach. After some time the players decide to lock him in the room and flee, as the building they are in is obviously falling apart. After locking the abomination on the room, the players make for the next and final level. As they emerge from the rubble they see the cause of the collapse: a Balor swinging his mighty whip upon the wreckage. It spots them as they run out of the collapsing building. As they emerge they see it swat at a rider on a horse barely missing. However his mighty whip hits a tree but instead of shattering, the tree instantly turns to ash and bursts into flame. The PC’s are deafened from the whipcrack. The heat is overwhelming as the air from the crack of his whip blows passed them. As the players run from the Balor it gives chase for a little bit until a blast of energy hits it in the back and it turns to see what hit it. It’s the arch mage! He fires another blast and shouts to the travelers to run and he will hold off the beast. As the players are running through the forest as fast as they can they begin to hear footsteps crashing behind them through the underbrush. As they draw nearer they hear panicked shouting. “Get this bleeding thing off my head!” “I don’t know how right now but be godsdamned glad at least i killed it… probably!” The footsteps belong to none other than Roderick and Baelfire. The two catch up to and begin to pass the characters. As they pass they look over and make eye contact and say “HEEEYY!!” Baelfire has a giant floppy leech looking thing over his head and he is covered in blood. A big chunk is cut out of the leech and he can see partially out of the hole. They begin to pull ahead and Rodderick shouts to Baelfire to shout to the group to follow them because they have a plan of escape.


Leiknir26 Leiknir26

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