Darkness Rising

The Canaba Swamps

The party continues onward to leave the city and head for the swamp. During the walk they learn that Rodderick and Baelfire are traking them via a scrying ritual projected through a white raven. They are taking orders from “the Boss”. They must have missed the bandits but they can track them through the swampy area. The party has a run in with some swamp slimes and a gelatinous cube.

Rest before heading to the swamp

During their sleep each of the adventurers had a disturbing nightmare involving which seem to try to dissuade them from interacting with a stone pillar or exploring the swamps further.

As they keep exploring the swamp they come to a large magical pillar. As they begin to interact with the pillar, thousands of undead rise from the earth and lumber toward the group and the pillar. The group detected a magical aura around the pillar and when they touched it they were transported to a sweeping desert landscape.


Leiknir26 Leiknir26

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