Darkness Rising

The First Phylactery

After 3 days Aurane the Arch Mage tells the adventurers that the phylactery can be destroyed but he is unsure of what that will do to the surrounding world as such a disruption in the lich’s power could send it crumbling into oblivion, killing them in the process or simply freeing them. Either way in order to return to the world it must be done. When the first phylactery is destroyed, there is a cataclysmic explosion and the characters are reduced to ash. After a few moments the players are unable to move or see but they have thoughts. Then they can slowly wiggle their toes and have blurred vision one by one they wake up. As they awaken they find themselves strapped to a table in a room attached to some tubes and IV like devices. The players realize that these are life support systems and it is safe to disconnect. They are alone. There is a great commotion around them and they can hear the sounds of groaning, fighting, and death all around them. When Kender escapes he is confronted by demons and humans fighting in the corridors. He must find his friends and escape. After the others are free they must fight their way to the surface and find out what is going on.


Leiknir26 Leiknir26

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