Darkness Rising

Traversing the Desert

The adventurers land in the desert and are soon approached by a caravan of elves who decide that they will escort the party to the city of Mazark if they will help guar their caravan against bandits on the way. The caravan is indeed attacked by bandits who were decently armed. One of them was carrying a cursed sword that drained all of Kender’s strength when he touched it. After the battle the players made it safely to the city but the caravaners betrayed them and when they were about to lose the battle they called the guards and told them that these “outsiders” were causing trouble. The guards sentenced the players and the caravaners to a round in the arena to settle their differences. They players won the arena competition. After the arena, the players collected their earnings and took the cursed sword to the nearest temple The priests take the sword in order to destroy it or learn more about it. The players turn the sword in to the priests under the assumption that the sword will be returned to them the next day. However, when the players went back to get the sword the temple was rearranged and the priests had no recollection of the party. After going back a second time the priests actually do remember them. The players eventually realize they are being followed by a cloaked figure who turns out to be a projection of Archmage Traevus trying to contact them from the outside world. He is discovered and ‘killed’ by accident just before his identity is revealed. The party later uses a mage in a magic shop to find Traevus and pull him through a portal to where the party is. The ritual succeeds and Traevus is pulled through the portal and there is an explosion. The mage who owns the magic shop is killed in the explosion so Traevus takes his visage and explains that the lich must have put a spell on on them and projected their consciousnesses into a sort of ‘dream world’. If the players are able to destroy the phylactery they might be able to break the spell and be able to wake up and then he can also be transported to the research facility on the outskirts of Silver City.


Leiknir26 Leiknir26

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