Darkness Rising

Jumped in the Alley

As the players descend into the Den, they are met with the sights and sounds of training soldiers. Describe scene. Den brother’s explain that their agents have taken notice of them and the Den would like to recruit them. There’s a matter of a lost artefact that has been stolen by a rival faction: The Blood Pact (vampire cult). The Blood Pact is a cult with a mixture of vampires and men who one day seek to become ‘immortal’ by turning into vampires. Goons from the cult stole the “All Seeing Eye”, which is said to be able to predict the future. With this, the Pact could obviously gain the upper hand. The bandits are likely to be camping west of Silver City, and if the adventurers hurry they can probably catch them while they are on the road rather than at their base in the swamps. They suggest that the half orc and cleric stay behind and help them at the Den.

When Hak Fu leaves the Den that night he is jumped by Rodderik and Baelfire. A halfling named Kender, a wizard named Trishm, and a dragon born knight come to his aid. The assailants incapacitate them rather quickly. HakFu wakes up with 500gp and a note that says: “Here’s your money. We’ve got our eyes on you.”

Gang violence

there has been escalating violence between the gangs called the blades and the den brothers

the adventurers get a tip that the guard captain of the bronze district, Ludin the Wolf, is up to no good. so they check it out. it turns out he asks them for help with clearing out the blades and he sends them to the wilted oak tavern in order to speak with his comrades. as they sit in the tavern they reveal why they are there and the Clarion the bartender shuts down the bar. he leads the players to an underground training center which he identifies as “the lair”

Kraid the butcher

children in city missing, usually homeless orphans, only on days with a full moon (next one probably in a couple days)

clues, not much help (drag marks, clothing items in alleyways)

HakFu stakeout, others just party
see child scampering at night (need to follow without noticing)
sees kid get grabbed by large shadowy figure and stuffed into sack. lose him in the chase but they ripped off his bloody butcher’s apron.

HakFu valiantly returns to friends they knock out kraid and turn him over to the guards.

The Goblin lair

In an attempt to become more well known the adventurers root out some nearby goblins.

Traveling to Silver City

After the heros leave the city they trek for about a full day. majority of the walk is on a main road, but then the compass begins indicating that they should leave the road and trek across a field which leads to a forest. they follow and are lost in the wisp forest. some say the trees themselves move at the will of the wisps to confuse travelers. they soon reach the main road.

the heros reach the gates of silver city and head for the mages college. they are met in the entry way by an imp who offers to lead them to Traevus’ chamber.

Headmaster Traevus, of the Silver City mage college, is looking for people to undergo a quest to look for his son who is a dragonologist. The pc’s learn that about a month ago, his son polymorphed into a beautiful jeweled urn outside the lair of a gold dragon in order to be taken in so that he could secretly study the dragon. It is way past the time when he should have checked in, and Traevus is becoming nervous. He would like the group to return his son to him.

He will only accept the aide of renowned adventurers. The pc’s must complete other quests first.

The Cracked Cask

At the cask there is much revelry, dance and song. there isnt much for the adventurers to see but the hour is late so unless they are walking home, they are stuck in the city for the night.

Cracked Cask: human bar tender named Valen, intricate dwarven stone work inlayed into walls, exotic animal heads on the walls, and many a wench serving ale, wine, and water. The place is packed and there is a troupe of bards playing. The sign next to them says “Arrow Smith” ‘your coin is much appreciated’. there is a bucket in which drunken patrons are dropping coins.

The next day as the heros awaken from whatever inn they decide to stumble to, are approched by a young lad dressed in mages robes. “You look like a rough rag-tag group” and he hands them a flier. he runs off handing a flyer from his stack to anyone who looks the part of an adventurer.

the flier reads: Headmaster Traevus, of the Silver City mage college, humbly requests your assistance with the return of his son, Braelin. If you are an adventurer and would like fill your purse, crumple this note, whisper to it “I will follow” and completely submerge it in water. Thank you! -Headmaster Traevus.

after the instructions are followed a puff of smoke and a flash of light reveal a small, sort of chinsy, compass with a needle that the heros can presume points toward silver city. they see a few more people doing the ritual and either following the compass or confusingly looking at it and tossing it in the trash and pulling out a proper map and taking off.

The Funeral

The Heros have all traveled from distant lands to attend the funeral of Melian, a renowned dwarf warrior, who has died of old age there was two weeks of time alloted for the viewing of Melian during which thousands upon thousands of people paid their respects.

The heros arrive on the very last day of the funeral which is usually reserved for family and close friends. There are about 150 or so people in attendance, most of which are dwarves, but several humans, elves, halflings, and gnomes dot the crowd. The altar on which Melian rests is adorned with runes that glow a deep blue hue (arcana check 15, these runes glow with preservative magic, used to allow the showing of a body at a funeral to be extended). While most of the attendees appear to be generally sad, they revel in the deeds of Melian. All of the attendees of this portion of the funeral sit around an enormous table upon which the stone slab holding Melain rests. Those who were closest to the deceased typically sit nearest to the body, while others sit farther away. As the heros approach the feast, the wind picks up and rain begins to fall.

(Perception 15 a small gnome in a beautiful robe stands up flicks his wand and the wind and rain begins to bend around the feast and even though the winds are becoming strong, the food and people appear to be undisturbed) As the heros enter the area within around 50’ of the feast they are hit by a warm puff of air and are dried completely. They see several empty chairs. Shortly after they sit, one not too tall but larger than average dwarf sitting at the dead center of the table stands up and slams his tankard down. “Who among you, who are not of my family knew my brother Melian? Come, recount your tales of crossing paths with him!” One by one, in turn, around the table clockwise, dwarves and men alike recount tales of:

(halfling) defeating hoardes of enemies in the goblin war,


(human) when Melian saved a clutch of gold dragonlings from a band of dragon hunters and then the dragon hunters from the elder gold dragon.


(Gnone) Melian slaying the giant king with nothing but a chipped stone,


(dwarf) Melian saving a child from the clutches of a werecat,


(dwarf) Melian wading across a river 3.5 feet deep with twelve maidens held high above his head on a plank so they wouldn’t get wet (a feat of strength which ironically made them wet),


(human) a tale of a time when Melian and he encountered a group of entertainers who turned out to be thieves and a group of thieves who turned out to be entertaining.

After several more impressive sounding (some TOO impressive sounding) tales of heroism the dwarves at the table begin singing a traditional dwarven song.

“there he lies and rests his eyes our hero of this land,
where doth he go that handsome beau up high or far below?
(one half) up high! up high! Up high goes he to live amongst the gods!
(other half) or low, down low to slay more foes and find some seeds to sow!

After the funeral the group begins to splinter, some go home and some announce that the drinks will continue flowing at the Cracked Cask.

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